We Are Decidedly Different…..Just as Your Marketing Should Be

A Bold Approach for the Few Who Dare to Achieve Unprecedented Success

I learned one key thing early on working with top tier marketers at the biggest of the big New York City ad agencies– they favor the bold and don’t believe in sacred cows if it doesn’t drive growth.

That is how they became top tier marketers.   By not playing it safe and not being afraid to take action.


Let’s face it, most businesses cling to their self-soothing delusions to growing their business and play it safe, hoping that by simply increasing their networking or continued reliance on referrals that it will solve all their growth and revenue problems.  

Making matters worse, all of the help from the supposed “experts” is often just warmed-over overpriced ideas and empty promises that don’t deliver anything special, and sometimes makes things worse. 

But the open secret is that we know you want different results.  

And let’s be honest from the start:  our approach is not for everyone.   In fact, it may not be for you.

To solve these problems, we boldly step outside the box.   We recognize that true success demands a radical departure from the norm.

Perhaps you’re among those who yearn for a return to the exhilarating days when your business was a thrilling adventure. You crave different results and are open to change, yet fear and doubt hold you back.

You’re not alone. Many businesses find themselves trapped by a scarcity mindset, compromising on fees and accepting any project just to keep any sense of momentum going.

But here’s the truth: clinging to these self-imposed struggles won’t lead you to the pinnacle of success. In fact, they only hinder your growth. We understand that, and that’s why we’re not for everyone.

However, if you picture yourself as the business who attracts the best prospects and clients effortlessly and imagine being recognized for the meaningful results you consistently deliver and the unwavering clarity you bring to every project, then you’ve come upon the perfect solution.

If you dare to dream big, we are your rock.  Our unconventional methods, combined with our passion for your success, will propel you to unprecedented heights. Together, we’ll break free from the mediocrity that plagues businesses today.

So, are you ready to embark on this transformative journey? If you are, then welcome. Prepare to witness your consulting career reach new dimensions, for we are decidedly different, and we are here to guide you towards greatness.

Meet Jeff, the Founder of Ignition

Is your business stuck in a never-ending loop of ineffective marketing strategies? Have you wasted countless hours and hard-earned money on channels that yield zero results? Trust me, you’re not alone, and I’ve got the solution you’ve been searching for.

Welcome to Ignition Marketing Solutions, where I’ve made it my mission to empower growing tech, software, and expert-based businesses with smarter, faster, and better marketing strategies. In a world filled with empty promises and half-baked ideas, I stand firm in my belief that genuine, well-thought-out solutions are the key to sustainable and responsible growth.

I’ve spent a remarkable 25 years solving complex business strategy and marketing problems alongside renowned marketers, from AT&T Wireless and Intel to Esurance, Dell Computer, and American Express to name a few.  My journey has taken me from senior positions at award-winning advertising agencies in New York City and Denver to leading roles at digital marketing start-ups where I’ve been the driving force behind strategic growth decisions and profit generation.

Now, I’m ready to share my proven and timeless marketing strategies with you, untangling the web of confusion surrounding your marketing approach and propelling your revenue to new heights.

Through my marketing consulting and fractional marketing director services, I offer growing companies the expertise of a seasoned marketing leader without the hefty full-time cost. My proprietary process is designed to save you valuable time and guide you directly toward the success that has eluded you until now. Together, we’ll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your business and customers, crafting a highly effective plan tailored to your unique strengths and opportunities.

It’s time to break free from the chains that have been holding your business back. Say goodbye to marketing frustrations and hello to confidence. Let me help you remove those revenue roadblocks, enabling you to amplify your marketing efforts and achieve remarkable business results.

Don’t wait any longer. Take the leap and reach out to me today. Together, we’ll revolutionize your marketing, making it smarter, faster, and better than ever before. Your business deserves nothing less.


Email: jeff@ignition.llc