If someone says “growth hack,” do this as quickly as possible

I feel if you hear someone say the word “Growth Hack” that you should run the opposite direction as fast as possible.

Usually what follows is bad advice that leads to a frustrating experience.

I keep seeing entrepreneurs make this same mistake over and over and wonder why they’re stuck.

They’re always looking for that next big thing.

As a result, they get distracted from the basics and end up running in place, instead of growing their business with a strategy focused on its true potential.

I’ve seen this over and over again as an entrepreneur myself.

As a result, I often hear the same thing: they’re desperate for growth because they believe there’s some secret sauce out there promising easy growth – when really all you need is to focus on what matters and is working right now.

There is no silver bullet or magic trick when it comes to achieving your goals.

A successful business needs strong foundations that were established decades ago – not just some fad or growth hack.So take the necessary steps now to get back on track before it gets too late.

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