Here’s the recipe of how you, a small business owner, CAN sell into a large dream client

If you’re like most others out there, you’ve spent countless hours and dollars perfecting your product, and you’re now ready to make your move into the big leagues.

What do you do next?

How can you make sure that your product is successful when selling to a large company?

I’m going to show you how one small software company successfully did this….so read on!

Step 1:  Know your product CAN make a difference.

Step 2: Study your competition and find their weaknesses and how your strengths map with the prospect.

Step 3: Identify the right people at the prospect where you can have the most impact.

Step 4: Be patient and look for small wins.  Aim to land a small deal first to prove yourself.   Position yourself as the “can-do” company and string together a track record of results.

Step 5: Leverage the small wins to larger and larger results.

The big problem where I see most companies fail is that their focus on the client’s transaction, instead of getting the client value that meets or exceeds expectation.

But because this one company had a good product, great strategy, a fantastic implementation process, and the right team members, they were able to sell into a large dream client that generated multi-million dollar revenues year after year.

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