Are you using the right offers to compel your prospects to engage with you?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know that it can be tough to find new customers. You’ve probably put together a list of potential offers that you could make to prospects in order to win them over, but there’s a good chance that your list doesn’t include some of the most effective offers.

Most companies make the mistake of only using one type of offer, which limits their results. That is the incentive offer.

This is the classic “Buy Now” approach.

Not only are these often ineffective, but they can also be damaging to your business.

There’s three problems with Incentive Offers I see:
1.) You sacrifice price and profitability, and it’s easy for buyers to comparison shop.
2.) It also trains buyers to only respond to this type of offer.
3.) It’s only relevant to the 1-3% of buyers who are in “buy now” mode

The better solution is the Informational Offer.

This can be free reports, e-books, self assessments, or other informational products.

The benefits are many:
1.) It appeals to the 97-99% of future buyers while also attracting those who are ready to buy now
2.) Builds trust
3.) Establishes you as the expert
4.) Builds relationships

It’s important to have the right offer at the right stage in order to win new clients.

Having an incentive offer may entice someone to take a look, but it’s an informational offer that will ultimately close the deal.

Not having the right offer at the right stage can mean leaving revenue on the table, so it’s crucial that you take the time to understand what type of offer your potential client needs.

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